A Real Estate Developer’s Journeys Through Technology

I am a Real Estate Developer by trade but learning about technology is my passion. I spend my days building apartments in New York City but I spend my nights building technical solutions for my life. Over the years my explorations have grown to include a computers, home automation and security, enterprise networking, virtualization, active directory, home theater, photography and much more. As I learn and implement each new technology there are many mistakes, difficult configurations, and obstacles in the way of my desired results. This blog is an attempt to document my journey, both for my own future reference and to help others learn from the efforts I have already made.

As I encounter new problems there is often a multitude of material out there on vendor sites, other blogs and communities like Reddit. In many cases the ultimate solution is a combination of advice found in multiple sources. My goal is not to copy or plagiarize any information out there but rather to build upon existing resources that I have used in my own learning. All efforts will be made to give credit where credit is due and I hope others will do the same.

Topics I will include both experiments in my home lab as well as technologies I deploy in my home “production” environment, even though the two often overlap, as well as research I do for myself or others. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it to be a valuable resource in your own journey.